Thursday, January 25, 2018

Bingo--Energy Ley and Ley Line dowse out the same

Had I seen this YouTube video earlier I probably would never have put this blog up. I wanted to see if we in the states are dowsing out the same thing when we dowse for a Ley Line.
Secondly, I wanted to see whether what Brits call an Energy Ley dowses out to what we call a Ley Line is the same thing.
Sure enough Grahame Gardner, former President of British Society of Dowsers, in dowsing out an Energy Ley is the same thing we in the states call an Ley Line.   The picture below is from Grahame's YouTube video on Energy Leys.

In the picture he is dowsing the center of the Energy Ley. In the video he does the traditional, or formal version, of beginning with one shoulder, next the center and finally the far shoulder.

The grey line marks the center of the Energy Ley, or the Ley Line.

I was very happy to finally find a bona fide Energy Ley by someone that can dowser and to see that it is the same thing as a Ley Line.

Folks, I am not going to name names, but most of the videos on YouTube about Ley Lines is pure garbage, as is much of the Earth Energy, Earth Grid etc. Amazing not even close and tens of thousands of people are watching.

Here is my video on Charged Ley Lines.

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From St. Louis

The following is from Faith Parish head of the Gateway Dowsers in St. Louis

The Leys are the two large swaths that intersect to form a red area

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Charged Ley Line Meditation, American Society of Dowsers Convention, Saratoga Springs, NY--6/17

Below are pictures of the Charged Ley Line Meditation at last year's ASD convention. Folks are sitting on the aisle seat that marks a Ley Line fairly well. It was a powerful meditation, as are all meditations on Ley Lines.

HIpp Brook Preserve

Here are some pictures of Ley Lines marked with staffs from Hipp Brook Preserve in Penfield, NY.